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Which GPU to buy? A holiday 2018 buyer’s guide
if you’re out shopping this holiday or looking for deals online, here are the graphic cards I would keep an eye out for.

Best GPU for MSI H97 PC MATE

So here my 4 or more yeasr old PC (bought from old good E-KEY, RIP) That I already upgraded with an SSD and extra 8 gb of ram and it works fine. But now I bought a new samsung monitor with FREESYNC and I want to upgrade the GPU too (just the GPU).

The new way thieves are trying to hijack your cellphone account

HOUSTON - We have a consumer alert about a new scam to hijack your cellphone account. If a thief gets access to your account, they can purchase new phones and add new lines and plans.You would be none the wiser until your next bill. It could take a month or more. It almost happened to KPRC2 News morning producer Erika Adolphus.